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Caroline Sedgwick

If you are just starting out in business:

I can help you make the most of your business...


Do these questions sound familiar?

- Perhaps you don't know where to start in pulling together a financial and business plan?-

- Maybe you need to know what income tax and national insurance to pay and when? (it's not like PAYE)

- What's the difference between being a company and being a sole trader and is one better than the other?

- What's corporation tax?

- Are you thinking of taking on employees?


If you've got any questions like these, then I can help.
Please call or email me.



Caroline Sedgwick

I am a chartered accountant with more than 25 years’ experience, but that’s just the start. One client has likened me to Indiana Jones, leading them through the jungle maze and out into the sunlight. It was a surprising image – but not a bad analogy.

I bring many years of experience with one of the largest accountancy firms

and combine it with a personal touch to:


      - support your business as it grows

      - work out where dangers lie

      - and explore opportunities

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