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Caroline Sedgwick

Finding tax taxing?

I can help you make the most of your business...


It's very topical - every UK taxpayer has to make returns and pay tax on time and in line with the laws set by Parliament and the regulations made by HMRC.

It's worth spending time up-front on whether there are legitimate tax reliefs you should be claiming to reduce your total tax burden.

And if you are expanding or contracting parts of your business what are the tax implications?

Please call or email me so we can work out how to make the most of your business by managing your tax position effectively.


Increasingly returns need to be made online  - you can benefit from:

- extended submission deadlines

- longer to pay if you do it electronically.

For example income tax returns need to be in by 31 January following the tax year-end  on 5 April, but by 31 October if submitted on paper. So for example, the return for the year ended 5 April 2013 needs to be in by 31 October 2013 if on paper and 31 January 2014 if submitted electronically.

Or there may be no alternative - employers now need to make regular electronic payroll returns before they pay employees (HMRC calls this RTI or real-time reporting).

I can make those electronic returns on your behalf.




Caroline Sedgwick

I am a chartered accountant with more than 25 years’ experience, but that’s just the start. One client has likened me to Indiana Jones, leading them through the jungle maze and out into the sunlight. It was a surprising image – but not a bad analogy.

I bring many years of experience with one of the largest accountancy firms

and combine it with a personal touch to:


      - support your business as it grows

      - work out where dangers lie

      - and explore opportunities

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